The company is building a portfolio of premium quality gold assets comprising selected areas of high grade, volcanic hosted ore deposits which are currently in production in Indonesia and small to medium sized, high quality, gold concessions in Australia. Unlike most “junior” mining companies, Brookmount’s strategy is to acquire existing operations which are producing significant quantities of gold. This enables the company to recycle operating cash flow into expanding its facilities and ore deposits, greatly accelerating its growth trajectory and expansion of its reserve portfolio.


Brookmount Gold Corp. is a holding company targeting acquisition of high quality assets comprising gold reserves which can be developed through rapid and efficient deployment of technology and converted into cash flow to finance further expansion. The Company has initially focused its investment strategy in South East Asia, particularly Indonesia, where extensive areas of high grade, volcanic hosted ore run in large “reefs” across the northwest of the archipelago.

The Company incorporated in Nevada, made its first investment in northern Indonesia in 2016 and now owns two gold mining operations in Northern Sulawesi province, one of Indonesia’s most significant areas of gold mineralization which has been extensively surveyed, assessed and operated by Newmont Mining, one of the world’s largest gold mining conglomerates. In addition to conducting its own geological testing for ore grades and quantities at its sites, The Company has access to comprehensive geological analysis undertaken on behalf of Newmont.