Land Mining


Land Mining


•  Heap leaching technology is a low impact form of gold mining typically utilized in areas of volcanic mineralization, where ore is shallow depth, soft volcanic soil and can be extracted through excavation rather than the more destructive and expensive shaft mining with the ore leached of minerals through continuous irrigation on a football sized pad.

•  The process is self contained and has a low environmental impact, especially important in ecologically sensitive rainforest areas such as Ratatotock region, where the Alason property is located.

Land Mining


•  Processing at Talawaan is more traditional, using ball mills to reduce the the size of ore particles and floatation tanks for the separation and cyanidation process.

•  Final smelting process for both operations is similar. The offsite smelting facilities are wholly owned and capable of refining gold both to phase 1 (“dore” of 60-75% purity) and phase 2 (investment grade) gold of 99% purity.