Investors Information & Recent Developments

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Recent Developments

  • Moosehorn property initial production (bulk sampling) run - Announced 

  • Authorised Capital Reduction - In Progress

  • 3 Year PCAOB Audit - Near Completion 

  • Acquisition of Alaska Project - Completed

Investment Structure

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• Brookmount Corporation owns both its Indonesian assets and North American assets through wholly owned subsidiaries. The Company has invested approximately $2mm in acquiring and developing its operations to date. 


• Our operating partner in the Talawaan facility manages operations on a day to day basis, whilst production at Alason is supervised by our Operations Director for Indonesia.

• Both the Company’s Talawaan and Alason investments are covered by 20 year operating agreements supported by local mining and forestry authorities operating permits and licenses. In keeping with its status as a “local investor”, the Company maintains close working relationships with local authorities and agencies.