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Brookmount owns 100% of the Moosehorn Gold project, constituting approximately 5,000 hectares of high quality gold ore, located in the Tintina Gold Belt which stretches from Alaska in the US to Yukon in Canada. Additionally Brookmount owns and operates two gold production facilities in the northern part of Sulawesi Province of the Republic of Indonesia. Example


Brookmount Gold focuses on the exploration and mining of gold by acquiring high-quality gold mines in different locations for diversification. Brookmount is growth driven and is actively looking to secure additional high-quality gold assets, with JORC/43-101 verified reserves, in the developed gold markets of North America and Australia.


Brookmount is utilising heap leaching technology as a low environmental impact form of gold mining in its Indonesian production. Gold can be extracted through excavation of ore instead of the more destructive and expensive shaft mining. Brookmount is sensitive both to its environmental footprint and its positive impact to local communities. 



Brookmount Gold Corp (OTC:“BMXI”) is a US based, public listed company which serves as an investment platform for high value gold assets. The company is targeting acquisitions of high quality assets comprising gold reserves with JORC/43-101 verification which can be developed through rapid and efficient deployment of technology and converted into cash flow to finance further expansion.


Brookmount Gold Corp incorporated in Nevada, made its first investment in northern Indonesia in 2016. Recently the company acquired 100% of the Moosehorn Gold project approximately 5,000 hectares, in the  Tintina Gold Belt which stretches from Alaska in the US to Yukon in Canada, continuing its expansion strategy.


Additionally Brookmount owns and operates two gold mining and production facilities in Northern Sulawesi province, one of Indonesia’s most significant areas of gold mineralization. The area has been extensively surveyed, assessed and operated in the past by other major international gold production companies.



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“Sustainable Growth is a result of delivering strong, long-term performance, while considering local communities and the environment  ”

Executive Director & CEO

Nils Ollquist

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