"Become a leading global platform for investment in gold  and precious metals production, using environmentally sustainable best practices,  supporting local communities and providing investors with superior returns ”.


"We aim to use cost effective mining methods with low environmental impact and we strive to grow our cash flow to increase earning per share by investing in high quality assets through effective allocation of investment capital and research ".


 •  Brookmount Gold Corp (OTC:“BMXI”) is a US based, public listed company which serves as an investment platform for high value gold assets

 •  The Company was created by a group of Hong Kong based investors in 2017

 •  Brookmount currently owns and operates 2 producing gold mines in the northern part of Sulawesi Province of the Republic of Indonesia. The Companys’  operations are cash flow positive and generated $6.5 million in net earnings on $11 million in revenues in the 2020 financial year.

 •  Brookmount recently completed the initial phase of its expansion strategy through acquisition of a high value gold property and infrastructure in Yukon, Canada.

 •  Brookmount is actively looking to secure additional high quality gold assets, with JORC/43-101 verified reserves, in the developed gold markets of North America and Australia.

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